The 25 Craziest Airsoft gadgets

The 25 Craziest Airsoft gadgets


The Craziest Airsoft gadgets: these gadgets and equipments could be useful or not. But in all cases they can be a lot of fun. If you are working on projects of gadgets (turrets, drones, tanks, planes, remote control vehicles, grenades, mines, mortars, secret weapons, custom replicas, mobile apps for Airsofters, geolocation tools…), share your idea in the comments.

A Robot Turret

A Hacked Roomba Controlled With a Laptop via Bluetooth

The Madbull Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

M134 Airsoft Minigun

The M134 Minigun Is a Pretty Impressive Airsoft Gun.

Airsoft RPG

The Airsoft Mock Rocket Propelled Grenade RPG7 Launcher. The anti-vehicle / anti-tank weapon you needed for your milsim games. Airsoft RPGs need modifications to work.

Hades Airsoft Rocket Mortar

A Custom Mortar Strike

airsoft mortarDisposable: TlsFx just released a mortar that fires disposable shells. The current launcher is very basic- a stainless steel tube, a moving plate base, and a strap to wear it. However, last I checked the shells can be used in other mortars. If you like DIY and want to grab some steel and make your own, these shells will probably work. Great for camping out and attacking areas from a long distance, although you will probably need assistance of someone on higher ground acting as a spotter to call your hits and misses.

Reusable: Hakkotsu has a basic plastic system that fires a semi-realistic shell insane distances, and by insane I mean over 6 story buildings insane. However, this thing is a big hunk of plastic with big metal fins, and you probably don’t want to score a direct hit on anyone or a vehicle because you will probably put a big dent in both. The downside is you have to find the shell AND replace the seal after each fire.

Airsoft Grenades

ball grenadestick grenadeGrenades can be an incredibly effective tool in your arsenal. Whether it be a reusable hand thrown device, a disposable pyrotechnic, a flashbang, or a underbarrel/launcher grenade shell, knowing how to use these tools can give you and your team a heavy advantage.

Reusables: There are many reusable grenades on the market. Most notable are the Tornado models, which are big rubberized grenades that you pick up after you hit your targets. They come in 2 models- frag and timer. Frag goes off the instant it hits the ground, and as Airsoft GI’s videos show they are incredibly sensitive. The timer acts like a normal grenade. Use the tool to set the seconds, throw, and listen to all the “hits” you hear once it goes off.

Other models are not expensive nor long lasting. They often have spoons that fly off or grenade bodies that damage easily hence why they come in big packs. These are great for when you have either poor aim or distance, or else really need a lot of grenades… or play the suicide bomber.

multi burst distraction grenadeA growing trend is the use of reusable distraction devices, the little guys we all know and love: the flashbang. Companies like TlsFx sell reusable flashbang devices that not only look realistic, but are incredibly distracting. Companies like Hakkotsu sell flashbangs that are similar in look and design to standard BB grenades, but again are less durable but come in high quantities.

Disposables: Stores like Arnie’s Airsoft, TlsFx are the place for disposables. These grenades literally blow to pieces sending “BBs” (They use dried peas) everywhere. Strike the top, toss, and watch it not only give you an explosion, but BBs as well. They are awesome. You can get them in all varieties too…. From pineapples to standard ball grenades to even WWII German stick ones. I personally love TlsFx… their selection of distraction, explosive, and smoke munitions are unbeatable. If you love milsim and want to make it as realistic as possible, these guys are the place to go.

Shells and Launchers

Under barrel launchers and standalone units are great, but are essentially like having a 40+ round under barrel shotgun. They spray everywhere and are great for showering down lots of ammo over a wide distance, clearing rooms and in CQB conditions on larger areas. They do look cool, but are extremely expensive and don’t shoot grenades out of them.

Airsoft Mines

airsoft mineMines are awesome, and nasty. There are several types-claymores, buried mines (that shoot either water, powder, and sometimes BBs), tripwires, and IEDs.

Buried mines

airsoft claymoreIf you are defending trails or other areas that will get heavy foot traffic, deploy a buried mine. You can use a combat knife (the big ones), a small GI trench shovel, or small hand trowel to bury and cover it. As soon as an enemy steps on it, they will get a surprise depending on the one you laid down. Water is the worst, as it leaves your pants wet for what seems like forever, and BBs don’t feel the best on the legs. Powder just scares the **** out of you and can often conceal an enemy or few waiting to ambush.

Airsoft Claymores

airsoft claymoreThere are several types of claymores now, powder and BB, as well as wired, laser, or wireless. Powders work with a small cup of powder that goes everywhere when activated, and really obstruct your view. BB claymores work the best, as the BBs render victim hit. As for control type, there used to be a few models with the Vietnam-style pull ring, but many come with remote controls similar to those on cars. Some even allow you to control multiple devices, and are great for playing in areas where you don’t want to have to watch and wait. Lastly are the lasers, which are best at night and are only available on wireless models. These are tripwire claymores, and very hard to spot and are even better than wireless remotes.

Guerilla tactics-Tying a string to a grenade and placing it where someone will pull it. Mosquito Molds used to have a nice BB unit that had a stake in the ground, but those devices have been discontinued for over a year now.

If you use IEDs, you are either hardcore as **** or a terrorist in training. These use real pyrotechnics, and can be rigged to be really cool and nasty. IED users frequently use pyro products and firing devices used in movies: Explosive materials covered by a bag of BBs that has the front slit open (or other container method), a small firing device that plugs in the electrical leads (like the black and red clips on stereo speakers), and an antennae. Like the wireless claymore, they have a remote and the user can choose which ones to blow. THESE ARE INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS. Users have usually film pyro training or other experience, and players (radical milsim) wear extra protective gear in the event they encounter the explosives (I’ve read blogs where they use metal detectors to detect mines, claymores, IEDS, etc) and some players carry small fire extinguishers. Again, don’t think about making an IED unless have experience and have made successful units before.

Airsoft Gadgets

I would probably have to say heads up displays, and drones have to be the craziest things I have ever seen. Drones are great because they a new variable and provide great recon, and some builders have even been as bold as to arm them with “bombs” and guns whereas most just take advantage of the camera and spot out enemies for their team. Ground vehicles, however, are nasty. The builder can not only rig camera equipment, but also whatever gun his unit can fit. I have yet to see any drones that fire from the water though, as I have seen very few games that involve much water.  Full size, actual vehicles are pretty cool, but very few look authentic. Most are modified trucks, vans, etc and only a few players have purchased surplus vehicles and turned them into airsoft-ready war machines. I did see one boat though modelled after the Vietnam PTs and it had two 50’s mounted up front. ATVs and 4x4s are also awesome, such as the Tippman Hellhound or the one with the tracks and the minigun that we have probably all seen.

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