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Optimized South America travel experience

As a regular visitor to our site, you may have wondered about what happened to us over the last month or so, as we haven’t been uploading new pages to Unique South America Travel Experience (USATE) as we regularly do.

We weren’t on holidays, that’s for sure, we were working long hours to get a mobile optimized version of our website instead. The idea was to provide our growing number of mobile visitors with a better browsing experience.

We all know how frustrating could be to try and browse a non- mobile optimized website from our smartphones for instance. Discouraging, to say the least.

Well, that’s over now. We’re very happy to announce that Unique South America Travel has finally gone mobile. We have kept the same website navigation structure, by country and by language – English and Spanish.

We have also included two addendums to the navigation menu, one dedicated to the South American continent in general, and another specifically about the Amazon rainforest. Although it mainly falls within Brazil‘s boundaries, it is shared by nine South American countries.

Go ahead and scan the quick response (QR) code you see on the right according to your preferred language. We look forward to your input. Every comment, suggestion and constructive criticism you’d like to give us it’s very welcome. Drop us a message.

That’s all for now. We’d like to whish you a very successful 2015 and to thank you once again for your continuous support throughout the years.

Cheers…All the Best!..
Daniel [at] Unique South America Travel

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